Some thoughts of wisdom

I will be sharing some quips and ruminations on a host of subjects from my hyperactive mind. I gather them here so I’ll have them available. Maybe you will get something out of them and they will spur your thinking and help you smile or think.

* Parent their heart and soul, not their behavior. The latter is a symptom of a problem with the former.

* One hyper, disobedient child can create a room of them. All but the strongest child will be overcome by their instigation.

* If we think we can easily pigeonhole everyone, we clearly need to talk to different pigeons.

* People are who they are because of moments we’ve not witnessed and likely know nothing about.

* Teach children to always see the big picture. Their peers only see the moment. Help them be better.

* The smug overconfidence of youth becomes the regret of the aged.

* A grateful person will find happiness where no one else can see it.

* Children don’t have to do drugs to have their lives torn apart by them. The sheer number of children whose homes have been taken away from them because of drugs is so very heartbreaking.

* Facebook provides a service so we can send a private message to a person or a group of people. May I recommend that we relocate our fights and family squabbles to the private messages instead of posting them on our walls for all to see. Reputations are too fragile. Once the fabric of the family is torn asunder & others are made aware of the conflicts, outside folks take sides & the family may never be able to heal once armies are built.

* No one can inflict emotional pain like a loved one.

* A complaining spirit is insatiable and guarantees a miserable life.

* Speaking with supreme confidence about things you don’t know anything about is a very poor social skill.

* When we put people’s feelings over their souls, we have done them an eternal disservice.

* Accepting false doctrine under the guise of being more loving, is to express our affection for the wrong spiritual being.

* Avoiding conflict can actually mean that we’re being wiser about what deserves a battle.