Great personalities who can change the world

Extraordinary personalities are resorting to their most remarkable skills in order to transmit love and hope to every soul that is in despair at this moment. They are aware that people needs more than ever much spiritual assistance in order to find their inner peace. Richard Mansel, a devoted preacher, is part of this team. Through his outstanding work and books he has helped to change the lives of many who now perceive the world from a completely different and heartening perspective.

A devoted preacher that humbly serves God

Richard Mansel has dedicated the work of his life to show his congregation the way back to the real communion with God. Through motivating church services and inspiriting books he has been able to provide valuable assistance to many individuals who have lost their joy of living.

After many years of study, he has been able to obtain a professional qualification in Ministry and Divinity. Since mid-1990s where he started to serve an admirable religious cause, he has always been available for any member of his congregation that needs some advice and guidance.

An inspiring and encouraging spiritual work

In 2009, preacher Mansel published a book where he addresses the most important questions of life from a biblical point of view. There he states that everything that is required to find the path to salvation can be found only on one reliable source, the Word of God.

This book has as a main goal taking the reader to a profound reflection regarding the matters of faith and spiritual life. The preacher highlights that only the sacrifice made by Christ on the cross can restore our hope reminding us His extraordinary love.

He also points out that only by becoming aware of the real truth that lies on His sacrifice we are able to strengthen our faith. This book provides a valuable assistance for anyone who wants to find his way back to the spiritual path.